How do I coach?

Whether it is getting a career unstuck, navigating change, transitioning in a career or from school to work, networking toward opportunity or active work search, I support my clients to move towards their personally meaningful career goals.

I use a holistic, strengths-based and forward-looking approach to career coaching. Clients complete tailored coaching assignments which are discussed and explored during the session following and support the next steps in the process.

To get started, clients contact me for a complimentary 30 minute exploratory session. If the client then wants to take the next step I develop and send them a proposal indicating the number of sessions and what the focus of each session will be. When we reach agreement on this, the coaching begins.

Coaching that is often chosen:

Discover Your Direction

Using insights gained from your experiences, competencies and qualities, and based on what is important to you, you are coached through a process to identify where you want to go in your career.

The average length of this kind of coaching program is 6 sessions and involves assignments to be completed in between sessions.

Tell me about your career

Career Management Skills

Revisit and revise your career focus based on your current reality and where you now want to take your career. Increase your awareness of and confidence in your skill sets and abilities. Generate and maintain motivation for your career journey.  Put your career purpose into words.

The average length of this kind of coaching program is 6 sessions and involves assignments to be completed in between sessions.

What is a HOLISTIC CAREER? Let's make sure we are talking about the same thing.

How we define the word career makes all the difference. I believe a career is holistic and encompasses all our life roles (e.g. including that of parent, employee/entrepreneur, sibling, friend, child), our learning, leisure, and work roles (paid and unpaid). How we choose to put all those together and balance them is our career. When you look at career from this perspective I believe a world of possibilities opens up; it’s thinking from a ‘both-and’ perspective instead of an ‘either-or’ perspective.

I believe in empowering people to find the right mix of all these elements for themselves at this place and phase of their lives and equipping them to adjust it as they continue to grow and develop over the course of their lives.

Powerful Authentic CV Coaching

Using a process to put more than just your skills and experience on paper, the red thread that guides your career choices is clearly profiled and those elements that allow you to shine in your work are emphasised, creating a CV that supports you to move in your desired career direction.

Following completion of a pre-session assignment, we meet for a 3-hour intensive CV writing session. The CV continues to be tweaked and adapted until it gets you invited to an interview.

Download my Top 10 CV Tips.

Work Search

In addition to tailoring your CV, in this program you are also supported to create your strategy, gain confidence with the most effective approaches to find or create the opportunity you want, and identify and take the actions that will open doors to the opportunity you are looking for.

Sessions are held following completion of related assignments, includes the 3-hour intensive CV writing session, interview support.

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Added value for clients:

  • Monthly Career Jam Sessions focusing on CV’s and Work Search are included in the coaching.
  • Receive a copy of A Career in Your Suitcase.
  • 100% money back guarantee on my services. Read the terms and conditions here.

Shall we explore what you are looking for?