The Career in Your Suitcase Way – Did you leave your career behind when you first moved abroad or did it get lost in transit? Is your professional identity still bubble-wrapped and waiting for the moment you locate the perfect spot? Do you long to get involved in something meaningful that is just for you and puts the mojo back into your life? Please see Career in Your Suitcase for more details.

Navigating Your Career Develop your own personal ‘GPS’ for successfully navigating today’s economy, meeting the challenges of changing careers and making your career portable in this interactive session. Equip yourself for today’s world of work where careers develop in anything but a straight line.

The Power of Improv
Learn to apply the powerful principles of improvisational theatre in your life and work and reap the benefits! Provided as a teambuilding session or for groups challenged by change in their work and career.

f2ae70_72d70fe47a8340aa93e2d09086ae7f5eUnderstanding Yourself and Others – Teambuilding and Personal Development
Individuals, workteams, and organizations are supported to appreciate their strengths, value their differences and communicate them effectively through the use of Personality Dimensions™.

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