1. What services do you provide?

I provide workshops that teach people the career development skills they need to navigate their way to opportunities in the 21st century labour market. I focus on mobile career adventurers, those who seek the freedom to express themselves in their work wherever in the world they find themselves.

2. What is your approach?

I teach the principles of Career Development in a group setting so that everyone benefits from the richness of each other’s experience and further develops their network. I believe that Career Development Principles are essential life skills for the mobile career adventurer in today’s labour market.

3. How do you work?

I have an informal and friendly approach (largely stemming from the fact that I’m Canadian, I’m sure). My workshops are provided in space that is warm and comfortable with lots of natural light. I encourage people to respect and value their own experience as well as that of others. This fosters an interactive environment where people share and learn from each other.


Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. — Einstein