Career in Your Suitcase® Way participants shared these testimonials after completing the program:CIYSWay_Tilt

The Career in Your Suitcase Way gave me an invaluable framework to explore my next career move and desired lifestyle. The combination of the book, the workbook and the Blue Sky Group sessions provides a great jump start to this exploratory process. The network of people I have met has been a great source of support and motivation.”
“Life is too short not to be doing what I like and am good at and it is fine to make mistakes. That truly was my biggest gift from this course. I wish for people in my network to have this possibility as well, by doing the course. Think this changes the way people look at careers in general and that is a great thing.I believe it gives people more peace of mind in their choices. Thank you for everything Colleen.” 
“Thanks to Colleen’s gentle guidance, I was able to clear away the many clouds blocking my vision to what I wanted out of my career. I have focus, and project management tools to help me get what I want out of my career. I also met an amazing bunch of women who I love working with to achieve goals. Thanks Colleen!”
“Career in your [suitcase] way gave me the opportunity to meet amazing [women] full of ideas and open to new possibilities. Everybody is very open and honest to share their story about the topics we talk about. It helps me to look at myself deeper using the information. I am not there yet and I know it is hard work, I feel that I will reach that and therefore I am very thankful to have participated in this workshop, Thank you Colleen.”
The Career in Your Suitcase Way has helped me to…
…Go with the flow of suitcase way and be amazed with results and positive energy in your life as well as career. 
…see a vision of my best possible future …clarify my purpose/mission …experience the power of group support …see my strengths, career opportunities more clearly, …get more organized …come up with new ideas …get rid of uncertainty (so by now I know exactly who I am and what my purpose is). Thank you! 🙂 
…gain confidence that I can be taken seriously as a professional in my field and that I can guide my career so long as I’m clear to myself and my employer (or clients) about my goals, passions, capabilities, limits, and the work it’s going to take to get there. CIYSW also helped me remember how important it is not to get hung up on where you think I *should* be by now, and instead appreciate where I am in my own beautiful, personal process.
…Develop a group of colleagues who were going through a similar process. By sharing our processes, I felt reassured that I was on the right path too. I highly recommend the Blue Sky Groups for developing a support system for the career development process. 
…think about my future and where I would like to go
 …see myself in a different light and understand the things that ‘are’ important to me, and they may not be the things I thought ‘were’ important to me.

Here’s what participants have said about their experience in a Career in Your Suitcase Workshop and Colleen’s facilitating:

“A very giving, caring and safe ambiance.” Finding Your Passion Workshop, June 2013

“A really great way to embark on self-discovery! Effective exercises, really packed with lots of good ideas. I will use this workbook for a long time to come!” Create A Career in Your Suitcase Workshop, May 2013

“Thanks Colleen for this great workshop! During just a few hours I managed to discover myself more and different than before, as who I am, what I really want, what I dislike/like, what is important for me and what not.” Create A Career in Your Suitcase Workshop, May 2013

“It was a stellar workshop that you don’t find it everywhere. I went to discover new career opportunities but I found a new lifestyle for myself. Now, I think of career opportunities as the lifestyle that suits me best not as common job application.” Create A Career in Your Suitcase Workshop, May 2013

“Colleen was very helpful, knowledgeably guiding (without taking decisions in our behalf).” Create A Career in Your Suitcase Workshop, May 2013

“Colleen is practical and competent, personal/approachable, professional and engaging.” Create A Career in Your Suitcase Workshop, May 2013

“Colleen presented well and kept a diverse group focused on task and time. Thank you.” Create A Career in Your Suitcase Workshop, May 2013

“Your professionalism, kindness, and genuine concern was helpful and comforting. I believe this program is only successful due to individuals like you. It’s always the people that make the process work.” Career Transition Client

“Thank you for your spirit of adventure, playfulness, laughter, strategic vision, passion, commitment, contagious enthusiasm, and capacity to turn vision into action.” Canadian Career Development Foundation

“Thanks so much for sharing all your great tips with us. You actually got me excited about resume writing!” Resume and Work Search Workshop Participant

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning to sail my ship. — Louisa May Alcott