Colleen Reichrath-Smith, GCDF   CJS Career Consulting

I equip and empower people so they can navigate their career across international borders, occupational boundaries and economic shifts.

I believe this is an essential skill in this globalising world. It enables you to create a personally meaningful life from almost anywhere in the world on your own terms.

As a Certified Holistic Narrative Career Professional (HNCP) and co-author of the fourth edition of A Career in Your Suitcase, I have been a self-employed career consultant since 1998.

I am a member of the ACCESS Trainers Network and the Dutch Career Development Professionals Association NOLOC.

My career consulting started in Canada in 1997 and transitioned to the Netherlands in 2005. This international relocation allowed me to gain not only personal and professional insight into the world of global mobility and talent management, but also, to develop programmes suited to these challenges, such as the Career in Your Suitcase Way.

I am fluent in English and Dutch.

This is why I do what I do...

I believe that:

  • Careers unfold over time and are revealed over time. There is no such thing as a wrong career choice (or study choice); every choice is made within a context and leads to future choices.
  • A career crisis is really a crisis of imagination; the inability to imagine a situation/career other than the one you are currently in. The key to creating a personally meaningful career is being able to look inside to what is important to you, clarify what you can do, and then look outside to your current situation to find the opportunities that work for your lifestyle and this time and place in your life/career.
  • Careers are created in collaboration and dialogue with our local and global networks. A willingness to engage wherever you find yourself, an attitude of openness to exploration and unexpected opportunity, the ability to step into the ‘unknown’ and find your way and the ability to adapt to new information and situations are essential to a successful career.
  • Your career is an ongoing journey – it continues as you grow and develop and move over the course of your life.
  • I believe the skills needed to develop your career are essential skills in this globalising world. They enable you to create a personally meaningful life from almost anywhere in the world on your own terms.