From Confusion to Clarity with Conversations Matter

Confused about your ‘what’s next’?

Feeling isolated and longing to share the journey?

Tired of endless conversations with yourself?

Known for millenia, there is power and magic in storytelling and being heard. Join me on the second Tuesday of each month online for a 90 minute safe and interactive peer-peer conversation where you will journey from

confusion to clarity

languishing to action

isolation to connection

Through Conversations Matter you will

  • Experience that you are not alone in the challenges of navigating career and life choices
  • Create a clarification statement for direction and a next step
  • Develop confidence to take the next step towards what you want
  • Connect with others on the journey and commit with them to follow through

It's time for clarity and focused action, no more languishing, JOIN us!

What is Conversations Matter?

  • A seemingly simple little facilitated online conversation that yields steps forward that are grounded in who you are and what you most want, taking you from confusion to clarity, languishing to action and isolation to connection.
  • A monthly online community for support, dialogue and discussion during your career transition and/or work search process.
  • Each month’s preparation is slightly different so each time you will have a different conversation.
  • Exchange experiences with the group during sessions and in the private LinkedIn Group

Practical Details

When: second Tuesday of each month from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. CET (Amsterdam)
Where: Online via
Preparation: 5 minutes online preparation + download report. 
Current individual coaching clients: Conversations Matter is included in the coaching program
Completed your coaching program with me: You are welcome to try Conversations Matter out for the first time at no cost. When you decide to join following your first session, the price is 25 EUR ex VAT per session. If you want to include Conversations Matter as staple part of your month, an annual membership is 250 EUR ex VAT.
*Please note I am open to alternative value exchanges. Just let me know you’re interested and we can explore this for you.

TIP: Put the registration link as a reminder in your agenda the week before each from Confusion to Clarity Career Conversations Matter.

NOTE: You can cancel your registration up to 24 hours before the next conversation.

How Does it Work?

Storytelling and storylistening are used to: 

  • Connect and nurture each other during uncertain times, and
  • Gain clarity to be your best while serving others.

Within the 90-minute online small group conversation you: 

  • Share what’s comfortable in response to positive story prompts; feel free to pass
  • Keep conversations confidential
  • Smile and have fun while receiving affirming feedback, gaining hope, clarity and confidence, and sharing appreciation.

The agenda is simple:

    • Getting Ready and Introductions (10 mins)
    • The Conversation Experience in small groups (60 mins)
    • Post-experience and next steps (20 mins)

What I liked best was Conversations Matter…

… created authentic connection

… was humanising, affirming and no judgement

… developed a motivating affirmation sentence that feels very powerful

… got to the heart of who we are and what we want so quickly, without overthinking it. A really supportive community was built– which made this experience feel … magical.

    It's time for clarity and focused action, no more languishing, JOIN us!

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